Why Basically Brilliant?

I know, I know. “Basically Brilliant Copywriting” isn’t exactly a very modest business name. So let me explain where it came from.

During my years hunkered down in the marketing department at a very large and successful business, we’d routinely find ourselves experiencing what I call, “The Jurassic Park Effect.”

Every once in a while, a project that seemed like a good idea at the time (like cloning a T-Rex, for example) would end up taking on a life of its own, morphing into a hideous, out-of-control beast that left us screaming in terror and wondering where we went wrong.

The solution to our dinosaur-sized problem was always the same, “Let’s get back to the basics.”

We’d re-evaluate the purpose of our campaign—what did we hope to achieve?

We’d re-evaluate the target audience—who are we speaking to and why should they care?

We’d re-evaluate the media used—is this better done through digital channels rather than print?

By getting back to the very basics of good marketing, we regained control of our beast and turned out a campaign that delivered the results and conversions we were looking for. (And no one got eaten alive… usually.)

When it comes to copywriting, the best stuff you’ll read isn’t very complicated. Sentences are short and to the point. Language is simple and effective. Vocabulary is easy to understand by the vast majority of readers. Whether it’s 50 words or 1,500 words, copy is as long as it needs to be to deliver a great message to the reader.

It’s very basic. And that’s why it’s brilliant.

Aaaand hence the business name—Basically Brilliant Copywriting—was born.

It’s a constant reminder, and a guiding philosophy, to stay focused on the foundations of good marketing and great writing.

Become brilliant at the basics, and success will follow.

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