Ted Karns, Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America, Scout Executive / Chief Executive Officer

I would highly recommend Alexandra Gualtieri, for any of your editing, promotional or writing needs. She becomes an invested partner in whatever project you are working on and follows it through to completion.

I recently had to update my resume and needed a professional opinion after years of writing it myself. Alexandra took the time to review my resume and my entire promotional portfolio. Once completed, she made grammatical changes and then took the time to discuss content with me on several occasions.

Thankfully, I did get the position that she helped me prepare for. I was told shortly after I started my new position by the Board of Directors that after they received my preliminary packet, the decision was easy. The portfolio included my resume and other information about my accomplishments. Because of all my preliminary work with Alexandra, the interview was just a formality.

Ted Karns
Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America
Scout Executive / Chief Executive Officer