AKA “Can you just take a look at this?”

This is an ideal service for anyone who already has content created, maybe something you’ve written yourself, had a friend write, or bought from another source. It’s also great for projects that are in the final polishing phase and just need a fresh pair of eyes.

There are three levels of proofreading that I offer depending on your project needs.

Editorial proofreading: I will note corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and style.

Copy editing: In addition to noting corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., I will also review sentence structure, sentence and paragraph length, and syntax. I will perform basic fact checking, and check the accuracy of names, addresses, phone numbers, URLs, dates, and other data within your project.

Substantive or developmental editing: This is the most in-depth review level. Your content will be reviewed to ensure that messaging is clear, organized, and coherent. I will note corrections for structure, transitions, redundancy, jargon, sexist language, awkward construction, excessive use of passive voice, wordiness, logic, tone, and more. I will work closely with you to re-write content as needed.

There are lots of proofreading/copy editing services out there, so here’s why you should work with me: I will take the time to understand your project, your business, and your goals to ensure that your copy hits the target.

If you request just basic editorial proofreading (where I’m mostly looking for missed commas and hyphens), but I notice some major issues with the overall messaging that may affect your desired results, I’ll tell you.

Other services won’t bother to give you a heads up. They’ll just collect their fee and move on to the next project. Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who really cares about your business?

Generally, turnaround time for proofreading projects is fast—most are completed in as little as 1–3 hours, depending on the length of your copy and level of copyediting/proofreading required. Obviously longer content or more complex editing, such as big catalogs and manuscripts, will require more time, but you’ll be provided with a clear estimate up front before I begin.

To get started, send me an email at or fill out the Contact Form.