Northern Carpet Cleaning

NCClogoRunning a small business is hard work, and the way solo owner/operators make it easier on themselves (and the way to make sure they’re more successful!) is to outsource the things that are either too time-consuming or outside of their skillset.

My client, Northern Carpet Cleaning, ended up outsourcing some of his marketing needs halfway around the world—to me!

Adam Calvi is the owner/operator of a small carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, Australia, and he was struggling to get customers to respond to his marketing. “Closing the sale is not my problem,” he told me. “Getting my phone to ring is.”

After a few emails back and forth, we identified some areas for improvement and worked together to craft a powerful tri-fold brochure that would inspire his customers to reach for their phones.

A month later, I checked in with Northern Carpet Cleaning and discovered that Adam had gotten a 200% increase in his response rate!

Want to know how we did it? Contact me to find out the details!

Here’s what Adam had to say…

I own a small carpet cleaning company in Melbourne Australia and found Alexandra online as I needed a professional copywriter to help me with my direct mail brochures. I tried all the local people from my country that really didn’t help me out that much as I was posting out huge amounts of mail for a lousy 0.02% response, wasting my time and money.

After contacting Alexandra, she designed my new brochure in quick time and I was thrilled with her work. I did a test run and received a phenomenal 4% response rate!

And the best part is that it is in my quiet period as we are in the middle of a horrendous winter! I am really looking forward to the warmer weather to see how great my response rate will be!

All Alexandra’s communication was fantastic as she always responds quickly, especially as I am on the other side of the world! I have no hesitation in recommending Basically Brilliant Copywriting and will use this service for all my copywriting work!

Adam Calvi
Northern Carpet Cleaning
Melbourne, Australia

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