Hauntingly Fun Entertainment


Providing family-friendly fun with just a hint of haunt, Hauntingly Fun Entertainment is the Chicagoland’s newest mobile Halloween entertainment company.

Ernie and Sherry Essany have a passion for all things Halloween. Every October, their home is transformed into a massive haunted graveyard that attracts hundreds of visitors and even received 4-chainsaw reviews from HorrorTourers in both 2012 and 2014.

Frustrated that the Halloween season is so short, they launched Hauntingly Fun Entertainment so they could haunt year-round.

To help promote their first attraction, Target:Zombies, the nation’s first mobile state-of-the-art zombie shooting range, Hauntingly Fun turned to Basically Brilliant for assistance.

After a brief consultation, I was able to return two scary, brilliant sell sheets to promote their attraction.

Here’s what Haungtingly Fun had to say about my work…

I could get the attention of prospective clients. A laser shooting gallery with 12 pneumatic zombies gets attention. Everyone wants to hear more. So I needed something to send out that contained all of our pertinent information, but have it sound as fun as our business is. That is where Basically Brilliant Copy Writing came in.

Alexandra talked with me for about 10 minutes asking fabulous questions that pulled lots of important detailed information out of me. Within a day or two, she had worked her magic and created both a fantastic information sheet and a sponsorship sheet for me to send my clients. Now when asked for more information, I simply attach the appropriate sheet and hit send! The 10 minutes I spent with Alexandra saves me hours every week! Thanks, Alexandra!

Sherry Essany, Owner
Hauntingly Fun Entertainment

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