Aspire is a new brand of healthy energy drink loaded with good-for-you ingredients designed to boost metabolism, burn calories, and reduce fat. It combines vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with slow-releasing caffeine to help you feel energized and alert with no jolts, jitters, or crashes. And get this—it contains ZERO carbs, ZERO sugars, and ZERO calories! Best of all—it tastes GREAT!

I occasionally write for the Aspire blog, which is a great place to look for some health advice and inspirational tips to help you acheive your health goals.

Here’s what Aspire had to say about my work…

Basically Brilliant Copywriting has been a godsend to us. Very creative and professional. We’ve outsourced a lot of copywriting in terms of blog posts, social posts, PR and other needs in the past and frankly, we just never got exactly what we wanted and it usually took far longer than we wanted. With B.B.C. and Alexandra, all that’s changed. Their work is always in my hands ahead of time, no typos, well written to our style and content guidelines and at a very fair price. If you’re in need of quality copywriting, I would highly recommend B.B.C.

Mark Crosier
Creative Director
Aspire Drinks USA

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