My Rates

So how much does all this brilliance cost?

If you’re looking for a 600-word blog post for $5.00 or a 1,000-word proofreading job for $3.00, I’m not the copywriter for you. There are (unfortunately) plenty of content mills and starving writers out there who are willing to churn out low-quality, poorly written content for barely enough to cover a McDonald’s value meal.

It has taken me going on 10 years to learn and develop my writing skills, and my rates reflect the value you’ll be getting from my expertise.

In particular, I have specialized knowledge of the carpet cleaning industry. I know the process, the lingo, and most importantly, the target market: women ages 25–65. I’m one of the few copywriters (heck, probably the only professional copywriter) with this kind of expertise.

I have written copy for magazine ads, email, direct mail, postcards, video scripts, blog posts, landing pages, and more. I can even help you with social media management (creating your Facebook page, writing and scheduling posts and ads, etc.).

Every project varies, so it’s important that we chat about your specific needs and goals before I can provide you with an accurate and fair proposal.

My specialty is results—turning a click into a close.

Optimized, well-written, and engaging content will cost more. But more importantly, it will DO MORE for your business. And ultimately, isn’t that the goal?

To get started, Contact Me and tell me about your project. I’d love to write something brilliant for you.