Attention Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Business Owners!

Confession time: I’ve been lurking on the carpet cleaning and restoration boards for YEARS.

I check out the marketing and business threads on Truck Mount Forums or Mikey’s Board, and I always click through when someone says, “Hey, check out my new website!” or “Wanna see my new postcard? Whaddya think?”

Honestly, most of the time I CRINGE.

Typos. Run-on sentences. Offers that don’t make sense. Clunky navigation.

Sometimes, I would read posts from people just looking for advice on how to set up a Facebook page for their business, and IT KILLED ME not to be able to jump in and tell them what I know.

Here’s a little background on who I am:

For nearly 8 years, I worked for Jon-Don as the only full-time copywriter/proofreader on staff. I’ve written just about everything: product descriptions, flyers, catalogs, letters, brochures, etc. I loved my job, and I would still be there if my husband’s career didn’t force our family to move out of state.

Luckily, Jon-Don offered to hire me on a freelance basis, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

I still write for Jon-Don, but now I have the time and flexibility to help small business owners FIX THEIR MARKETING.

Looking for a qualified proofreader to review your web content or print marketing? CONTACT ME!

Need someone to write content for your new website? CONTACT ME!

Wish there was someone who could just set up your business Facebook page? CONTACT ME!

My rates are reasonable and my work is BRILLIANT.

To get started and see what I can do for your business, fill out the contact form or send an email to

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